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The Horizon Group is dedicated to building smart, productive collaborations that create outstanding value for each of our clients. Our three companies; Spark Innovation, Voyageur Adventures and Eagle Valley Retreat offer creative solutions in business & leadership development for the challenges ahead. Our innovative approach engages your organization's human capital, resulting in unique projects that produce remarkable results. 

Find out how we can create these same results for you through an inspiring collaboration.

Smart Skills

Leadership Workshops
Recharge your vision and sharpen your leader skills

Team Energizers

Short, creative challenges that strengthen teamwork



Customize Your Programs

Smarter Meetings
Make better, faster decisions in half the time


Our 7-acre boutique country retreat offers your group privacy, freedom and flexibility. Perfect for business planning, team building, health retreats, private events and weddings. We're the small retreat that ​thinks big. 
​Discover the possibilities!

Innovation & collaboration are essential for staying responsive 
​in a fast-changing world. Our proven team tools for better meetings and faster problem solving help you
create a more nimble and effective organization.
​Ignite your collaboration!

Innovation Retreats
Rethink your business
​for the challenges ahead

With over 20,000 participants 
​to date, Voyageur Adventures creates exceptional team learning programs that strengthen relationships, build leadership skills and inspire commitment to 'the journey ahead'. Inspire exploration!

Collaborative Business Development

Team Building